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About Bell and May

Bell & May was established in 2015 with a mission to provide high-quality, affordable clothing and products featuring original designs that speak to people’s hearts, and helps them make a statement about their lives, their loves, and their faith.

Bell & May was nothing more than a brainstorm that quickly took off into much more. Starting with our last names, that we thought went well together as a company name, we developed ideas around people’s passions.  Through the process, it was like fitting pieces of a puzzle together.  Our different career experiences complimented each other and helped in developing Bell & May. 

Faith is the most important thing in our lives, and we knew that was going to be a definite focus in our business. Family is our world. We knew another aspect of Bell & May would be related to that love- being a wife, raising kids.  Lastly, we wanted to focus on lifestyle designs-  interests, loves, hobbies, and passions.   People are drawn to things that they relate to, things they love, and things that bring back memories.  We hope that our designs speak to your hearts.  We hope they help you make a statement to the world about your lives, your loves, your hobbies, and your faith. 

We believe in putting God first, Living life to the fullest, and Laughing along the way.

About Bell and May

Michelle Bell-

I grew up in Texas, but came to Arkansas to attend college. While I was at Ouachita Baptist University, I met the love of my life, and we made our home in Hot Springs, where we currently live and raise our two amazing boys.  After working 15 years in Marketing, Sales and Management, it was time for a career change so I could focus more on my family.  I pursued a career in Health and Fitness, which has always been a passion of mine. This allowed me more flexibility to better manage work and family life.  In 2013, I met Lindsey May through a mutual friend, and we immediately clicked.  Lindsey hired me to manage the Marketing and Social Media Aspects of her upscale and trendy boutiques.  Through this partnership, and lots of brainstorming and collaboration….Bell & May was established.

About Bell and May

Lindsey May-

I grew up in Plainview, Arkansas with a total population of 752 people. I attended Arkansas Tech University where I met my soulmate. We have three wonderful kids and enjoy raising them in the country on our family farm.  After spending several years working as a chemist in the corporate world, I needed a career change for both my family and me.  On a whim, I started a women’s boutique in Downtown Hot Springs, AR., and eventually started a second one, as well.  As my businesses grew, so did my family’s personal schedule.  It was such a help to my business when I brought Michelle on board to manage Marketing and Social Media.  After we a started to see the growing demand in the graphic tee market, we saw a lack for high quality, affordable t-shirts, that spoke to people’s hearts.  That is where Bell & May originated.

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